Marketing and Advertising Codes of Conduct for Affiliates 

1. Interbet operates a 1 strike rule, whereby any affiliate failing to comply with the following requirements will be terminated from the Interbet affiliate programme:

a. all laws, regulations and industry codes applicable to advertising and marketing of online gambling; and 
b. the terms and conditions of the Interbet  affiliate programme; and 
c. the Responsible marketing policy and guidelines provided by Interbet; and
d. this code of conduct.

2. Affiliates must only use creative supplied by, or approved by, Interbet.  

3. Affiliates must provide Interbet with details of anywhere marketing is conducted on behalf of Interbet including but not limited to, URLs, landing pages, brand displays, player destinations and social media. 

4. Affiliates must not place marketing featuring the Interbet brand on websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted content.

5. All promotional offers must be attached to appropriate Interbet terms and conditions, and must include all essential information in the content of the promotional offer or in key terms provided in, or alongside, the promotional offer. 

6. Any marketing conducted on behalf of Interbet, must make clear that the publisher works independently of Interbet or its brands. 

7. Affiliates must not use ‘advertorial style’ marketing to promote Interbet’s brands, unless approved by Interbet. 

8. Any betting tips/tipster content must not imply that success is guaranteed. 

9. Affiliates must not use any marketing or copy which appeals to children or features people under the age of 25. 

10. Social media marketing (Twitter, Facebook or other) must include 18+ on the bio page. 

11. Affiliates must not conduct direct marketing on behalf of Interbet.